toggl-ing for fun and profit

And there I was, trawling the dusty internet hinterlands, and guess what I found for us luvverly people who do stuff freelance-stylee and need to keep a tab on the hours we clock up. This charmingly attractive little doobrie, the Toggl, gives you the perfect way to clock up your time for one, two, five, heck - ten clients at a time! And it's free! So that's nice.

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You can shell out some silver for the premium version too, so the choice is your oyster, as they don't say. But anything that takes the nuts and bolts of admin away from the actual task of getting words down on a page and making your squillions has to be worth a look. It's so easy to use, too. I still wrestle with videorecorders so I know what I'm talking about.

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