even white rabbits have good manners

When you're a freelance writer you want enough work coming in to keep you in water and gruel, but not so much that you end up working 30 hours a day, 9 days a week. That is no fun and defeats the object of going freelance in the first place - i.e. to enjoy life again.

So, there you are on these bid sites and you're bidding on projects, planning your schedule, hedging your bets, keeping time free for this - and that - juggling ... and then  - NOTHING. The buyers don't award the projects and don't even have the good manners to end the project.

Even an imaginary white rabbit has a sense of urgency in meeting deadlines and arriving somewhere on time.

Maybe buyers don't realise when we bid, that unless we're a team of writers, we're making sure that whatever we bid for is factored in to a draft schedule so that we're not ever going to be overloaded. The end dates of the bids are important because that's part of our draft schedule.

The buyer, however, might have scattered the project round several freelance sites and found a writer somewhere else, but they don't bother to come back and let people know it's been awarded. Not a peep. Not a single solitary sausage of a hint.

Writers just want  to know if the project has been awarded! So we can get on with our lives! And bid for other projects, knowing that the buyer isn't going to suddenly appear after one, or two, or even six weeks (this has actually happened) and say, "you know that project you bid on six weeks ago? You're hired."

It just ain't gonna work like that, because by then we have a different schedule in place, with new clients and new deadlines. We were ready six weeks ago to dive into your project, or find new clients, but you didn't show!

And if that white rabbit is hiring, I'm open.  I like his commitment to deadlines.

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