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Rates on iFreelance have hit a new low today with one buyer offering $0.20 per 400 word article. Yes that's right. $0.20. They want 25 articles a week at that price, leaving a writer with the total massive sum of $5.

Per week.

Now, that might be acceptable in a country where living costs are so low as to make $5 look like a fortune. I get that. But this buyer isn't even apologising for the low rates and is dangling this $5 a week as though it's a prize: come on, bid if you're tough enough to handle the work.


But what's this? An urgent communication from Odesk who are keen to recruit more writers to the fold, and have recently made some big changes in the fee policies for buyers. What? Yes! A rise in the minimum rate for a complete project, and also a rise in the minimum for a max price!

Higher minimum rates? Great stuff! I love it when a site stands up for its writers and requests that buyers pay a fair wage. Makes you want to go and work with them, and  feel valu ....

Uhhhh .. wait.

We've made a few small tweaks to job posts. (A) The budget for fixed-price jobs must be at least $5, and (B) the max hourly rate can't be less than $3. 


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