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So there you are, sauntering through the offers being hung out of windows by buyers eager to attract the services of passing writers, and you find one buyer who is keen only to attract native speakers of English and refuses to entertain the idea of receiving bids from anyone from India or China.


Let me read that again. Oh, OK. He says he will not "except" people from India or China. Oh! That's alright then. He won't exclude them after all (but why bother saying it ... ). Anyhoo ..

But wait another second! In the public discussion that follows, when the subject is brought up, he justifies racial discrimination in the ad by saying that it was approved by the website before it was uploaded. Oh, so he did mean to exclude anyone from India and China. And it's not his fault but iFreelance's fault for letting it through.


So. We are now waiting for a reply to an email sent to iFreelance, asking when this breach of US, UK and Canadian legislation will be dealt with, either by the buyer removing the offending sentence, or removing the offer altogether.

You can see why the poor dear is so confused about who can and who cannot speak English proper, like, innit.  He can't even speak it himself.
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  1. Just goes to show that the internet may break down barriers, but it's a slow process. We'll get there eventually.


  2. You're right, Jeffrey, very slow. It's a pity that no-one at iFreelance has the decency to ask the buyer to change the wording, despite their fancy legalese in the T&Cs. Empty words when profit gets in the way.