ghostwriters ghostbusted

Just shows that when you're doing dodgy work that you're getting paid well for but you think no-one will ever find out about, they will. Here's an interesting piece on the Public Library of Science website: Ghostwriting: the Dirty Little Secret of Medical Publishing That Just Got Bigger that exposes the grubby work of medical ghostwriters hired to write biased material based on the diktats of pharmaceutical companies. To quote, it was material "written by unacknowledged professional medical writers in which the message, tone, and content had been determined by the company but the paper was subsequently nominally “authored” by respected academics—in sum a coordinated and carefully monitored campaign of ghostwriting."

Kill Bill Evil Nurse Costume (Size:Med/Lrg 8-12)Nobody really expects squeaky clean ethics throughout the world and as for a moral imperative guiding all of us as a cohesive global community to bigger and better things for the good of humanity, it ain't gonna happen.

But come on. Somewhere along the line, medical writers gained some practical background and experience in a medical field in order for them to find work as medical writers. This may seem like a frivolous point to them, but surely there would have been an expectation that they adhered to codes of ethics in those medical employments? What happened to those ethics in their transition from doctor or nurse or allied health professional into a medical ghostwriter who for thirty pieces of silver will cheerfully write lies for pharmaceutical companies.

Well yeah, apart from naked greed.

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