another star bows out - alexander mcqueen

It's a tough way to go. Who knows how things were. People don't last forever do they, and we all go at some point, whether by our own hand or courtesy of the old ticker that finally does its last tock.

People like McQueen add colour and vibrancy and inspiration if we have minds open enough to acknowledge it. He added spectacle, dash and in your face extravagence and he paid attention to the people he saw in the street and showcased them on the catwalks with his outrageous clothes. None of this fake mystique. He just grabbed ideas with both fists and flung them out for us all to revel in.

Wherever you are now, Mr McQueen, I hope they've got the antlers ready. Their gain. Our loss.

Just to remind ourselves of the man's creative genius and vision, here's a replay of the famous Kate Moss hologram from 2006.

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