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Finding a site that looks after its writers and encourages them to charge the going rate for their work is like finding a frozen lemon sorbet in the middle of the Mojave Desert on a hot day.

Constant Content is not for the faint hearted. The vetting process is tough and the editor's red pen is in more use than some new writers may be used to. Many and loud, and sometimes high pitched, are the posts in the forum from writers whose work has been rejected, and who have been politely told that their work needs to improve before they can have their articles accepted. Grammar, spelling, clarity: the whole caboodle is top priority here and buyers pay for exceptional work. Those whose standards just aren't up to the job don't get to reapply.

Every single article submitted for sale is checked by the editor, and not every article gets through. It may be something as simple as a mix up in punctuation, or it may be something harder for someone to find and correct, such as incorrect use of language or even a single word, but proofreading is up to the writer and copy must be ready for publication when it hits the editor's desk.

The benefits of the site, however, are worth every drop of blood let in the writing of an article. Regular sales to buyers who recognise and value good writing, depending of course on the kind of subject areas you tackle. If you post it they will come, whether it's within the next two minutes or the next two months, or perhaps within twelve, so the idea is to amass a good library of your own articles ready for browsing by buyers looking for exceptional content. There is of course the steady stream of buyers posting their requests for work. No bidding. I'll repeat that. NO BIDDING.

If you have excellent writing skills and you're looking for online writing gigs, Constant Content could be just the place for you. Come on. Come and have a look.

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