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Plagiarism is theft. Those of us who write our own articles, research them carefully, spend time getting them just so, making sure they're accurate, with references given and sources cited, do not take kindly to finding chunks of our articles - or  complete articles - sitting on someone else's website under someone else's name.

It happens a lot of course, and there are many good ways of finding those sites where one's articles are pinned up without permission, and often all you need do is point out  the copyright violation and it's down within the day. Sometimes people really don't know what they can and can't do and will put things right lickity-split, and it's usually the case that your name is also there so they're not actually claiming ownership.

The problem arises when they're getting affiliate advertising income from your article, and thereby reducing the income that you should be getting. Not to mention that taking the whole thing is rather sticking their tongue out at your notice saying that republication online or in print requires written permission.

The most recent find was a cobbling together of someone's bits of information together with large verbatim chunks from one of my articles. After leaving a couple of comments over a couple of days, each one disappearing from view the next day, and my resorting to pointing out that Wordpress, their blog host, takes a very dim view of copyright  theft, it transpires that the "writer" was this guy's "employee". Looks like the threat of a DMCA letter made the point where a polite comment didn't, but I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt first.

Hopefully the "employee" (ahem) will be treading a little more carefully in future. Meanwhile I continue to keep an eye on my online work and protect my affiliate income.

There are some decent plagiarism checkers out there - the main one being Copyscape. There's also Article Checker, Google Alerts, Plagiarism Checker, and Plagiarism Detect. Many more of course but a regular check with two or three of these will keep the bloodhounds sniffing out the less scrupulous websites out there and rescuing your stolen articles.

Oh and I found the perfect dawg toon .. thank you
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  2. Anonymous21:51

    Hi Tony! Many thanks for the tip. It's a nightmare isn't it, tracking down the content thieves.

    I was hoping to have a peek at your blog but it looks as though you have the interior decorators in :-)