BNP smears Marmite - shock horror probe

Marmite 500gThe party of hate has had its collective chin well and truly smacked. The BNP having commandeered Marmite, the love-or-hate-it yeast spread beloved of and reviled by swathes of Brits, and slapped it on their election videos as a sort of pathetic attempt at humour (don't give up the day jobs, guys), Marmite has got up on its hind legs and has said categorically that it is not aligned to any political party and the BNP should take it off their campaigning materials forthwith. Immediately even. If not sooner. And how dare they.

Not only that but Unilever are considering taking out an injunction against Griffin and his little racists.

I'd like to say Griffin's little mob is toast because a joke is there somewhere .. smear?  something to do with smearing Marmite's good name? oh never mind. But yes, if Unilever could see their way clear to slapping on costs for defamation or character assassination by association or loss of business because of negative publicity that would be fine by me.

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