no toffs, no Tories, no chinless twits

Cameron must be doing the face palm thing round about now. Just when you're trying to frighten the country by saying a hung parliament will be the ruin and death of us all, and the thought of winning the coming election is making your voice sound cracked and desperate (please! please please! vote for me! I really really really want to be PM!), along comes Chris Grayling and ruins the political image you've been cultivating so carefully.

Grayling thinks it's perfectly acceptable for people with"genuinely held religious beliefs" to refuse B&B facilities to gay couples. When did we last see something like this? Oh  yes. No blacks, no Irish. And what's a "genuinely held" religious belief when it's at home. Would a B&B owner have to provide written confirmation that they are indeed of the faith which underpins their smallmindedness? If I was gay I could have fun with that. "I don't believe you're a Christian at all. You'll have to prove it." Wheel in the Archbishop of Canterbury as moderator and then see them sweat.

Image: rafanandra under CC license
Anyway, back to Grinning Grayling and his gang. Tories appear to have about as much in common with the common man and woman as a pig does with a bar of Fairy soap. What with , nepotism and the vast private incomes of some of this crowd you can guarantee that their focus will be on them and their needs, and not on the majority of people in the country who can barely make ends meet any more, let alone provide luxury pieds-a-terre for families of ducks at the taxpayers' expense.

It's these little slips - like the Grayling gaffe - that give them away at inopportune moments and reveal them to be who they truly are. We can only be grateful for the galloping gob of the Shadow Home Secretary for reminding us what they stand for. Their own interests, and their own small minded bigotry.

That's not to say the other parties have much to say for themselves. The Labour Party is spinning on its own axis, and the Liberal Democrats are refusing all dangerous liaisons and will probably end up third again. Anybody else hasn't got a cat in hell's chance of making it half way along the racetrack let alone crossing the finish line.

However, none of the other parties are presenting themselves as something that they're not, and what you see is pretty much what you get. I'd rather that any day, than risk the prospect of even a single day under the self serving residents of Smith Square.

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