stop press! cameron grasps age-old concept of elections

"If we don't deliver our side of the bargain, vote us out in five years' time."

Thus is good old Dave attempting to win the trust and votes of a swathe of householders being targeted by the Tory Party in a last ditch rush to secure the comfy chairs in No. 10. Such is his utter faith in his ability to get real and grasp the fundamentals of what the populace really want, he has persuaded himself that his "contract" with the electorate, i.e. that they can vote the Tories out in five years if they don't get things right, is nothing short of groundbreaking. Actually it's nothing short of the bleedin' obvious.

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They probably don't teach this sort of thing where he went to school, but here's the thing. That's the whole point of elections. To vote out the fools who've made a mess of things, to make way for a (hopefully) better shower of blighters. You don't get in and stay in by some kind of droit de seigneur.

It's that entitlement thing coming out, isn't it. That whole thing about the Conservatives being the only ones who know how to run a country (perhaps whilst leaning over a crenellation, declaiming to the peasants). Old Dave may not yet realise this yet, but privileged backgrounds do not a natural leader make, and if he thinks he's offering those householders something brand new and squeaky clean, he's either completely solid between the ears or he thinks they are.

Those of us who grew up the normal way, i.e. without using cutlery polished to a high shine by the butler, know what a democracy is supposed to be about, how it works, and how you get rid of the people who are making a complete pig's ear of running the country. That is, of course, unless the party you're trying to drag out of the front door is shored up by big business, millionaires, the banks, the aristocracy, and anyone else in whose interests it is to keep their collective feet on the necks of the lowest paid and least privileged, and to keep their own purses fat. Look how long it took to shift Thatcher.

Look at the legacy she left - and it will be more of the same but with different labels if old Dave gets the keys. Shudder.

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