tories dance to whatever tune is played

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You could be forgiven for thinking that David Cameron has discovered a new seam of inspiration and social conscience since he first began shouting at the country to vote for him and trashing everyone else. After an initial burst on the economy and a desire to rein in the deficit, he has now started going on about people government. He quotes Kennedy. He echoes Martin Luther King. He goes on about a new kind of politics which is different to what's been served up in the past.

Now,  let me just think. Tories kept out of power for thirteen years. Check. Tories desperate to use any tactics that might appeal to a worn down and jaded population, no matter what they'll change after the election. Check. Suggesting change. Check. Community action. Check.

It would be laughable if it wasn't so blatant. Cameron is transparent in trying to cash in on the success of a far greater politician who, in complete contrast, is passionate about doing the right thing and has been walking the talk for far longer than Cameron has even noticed.

President Obama under CC License
Yes, we knew we'd heard those messages about change and community action before, delivered to a country that was desperate for change, for respect, for leadership that worked on behalf of the nation and not for its own selfish interests.  We've all heard Mr Obama making those election pledges to a nation desperate to hear them. We've all seen the pedigree of Mr Obama and his almost lifelong dedication to working on behalf of those who don't have a voice or any political clout.

Cameron just doesn't have that credibility. Not a whiff of it. Changing tack, altering political direction, adjusting message and mission several times throughout the campaign, so that you no longer have a clear idea of what the Tories stand for or if they will even stay with what they promise. Slagging off the opposition so as to make every speech he makes almost too irritating to hear - and that goes for all of them of course.

We're sick to the molars of political rhetoric that relies on bashing everyone else, right wing politicians altering their shape like changelings to try to fit what they think the public will be tricked into accepting, and forever forgetting the folk at the bottom of the pile. As for asking everyone to become part of at least one community action, that might sound vaguely noble if Cameron had spent much of his life spending his time helping the disadvantaged, the poor, the homeless. But he hasn't. He hasn't lifted a finger to champion the underprivileged.

He might be interested to learn, by the way, that vast armies of people already volunteer their services and make communities tick. As for suggesting neighbourhoods could buy up post offices threatened with closure - expect more post office closures under a Tory government. And maybe he doesn't realise that community initiatives take more than a couple of meetings and a plate of sausage rolls - they take years to implement because it's not community apathy but government intransigence that leads people to take action to make things happen.

Really, does the man have the smallest clue about life in this country?

Obama, in distinct contrast, has every idea how his country works and what it needs. That's why he was successful in winning the Presidency, because he walked the talk, never trashed the opposition, and gave his life experience in the communities as an example to others to make his country a better place.

Cameron is such a poor shadow of someone he wishes to emulate in the hope that no-one will notice.

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