easy as falling off a horse

Is that the time? Doesn't life flash past when you're trying to deal with it .. ho hum.

Anyway. After listening to the budget, and then yesterday watching England play marbles (badly) at Bloemfontein, there needs to be only one more thing to complete the hat trick to make it a truly flamin' June for the UK. Then July will be simply spiffing.

Been on the sick list for a while and am slowly crawling back into the saddle again. I may need to tie myself on just to be sure - just for a while - but these Fingers of Fun are limbering up ready to hammer out words of various lengths interspersed with carefully selected punctuation and drizzled with just the right amount of pith and moment. Time I started earning again after a few months of near inactivity.

This is a lovely quiet area. I have a lovely quiet flat. There are no crazymakers around (fans of The Artist's Way will know exactly what I mean). Library up the road, shop around the corner.

What is so odd is that writing is the only thing I ever want to do and yet - after this gap - I can barely put an article together. It's only temporary. Fear probably. That fleabitten, sadistic old hag of an internal editor making the most of the fallow period. However. I have plans for her. As well as some strong duct tape and a gag.
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