The Queen, Marmite, and the Face of Hate

Well whodathunk. Nick Griffin, Head Hoodlum of the BNP, has been denied access to Her Maj's garden party because guess what. He went round the meeja crowing about the fact he'd been invited. Her Maj's advisers decided that having the Head Hoodlum near the spoons and the other guests might prove to be a big issue. Not to mention, they say, that any guest who turned their invitation into a political event would feel an equerry's boot up their backside and be banned from the bunfight. So Griffin got all dressed up in his freshly ironed soup and fish for nothing. Awww.

Oh! And just to add a little kick to the occasion, there's a little aside in that article which reveals  that Unilever, who manufacture Marmite, and who were righteously displeased when Griffin used their product on his party political broadcasts, have successfully sued the BNP for £170,000. Griffin denies this of course. Well he would wouldn't he.

At least Her Maj and her guests can cluster round the cucumber sandwiches and scones without coming face to face with the Face of Hate. It could quite put you off your Darjeeling.

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